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Performance Team Photo

We understand that going right on to the competition team could be a little intimidating. So we have created the performance team as a next step from recreational. The performance team has less commitment than competition but more than recreational. The performance team will be in one required group dance with the competition team. 

Performance Team 

  • Must take the following classes Conditioning and Ballet or Technique

  • Mandatory participation in at least one local performance. 

  • Mandatory performance at Daytona International Speedway.

  • Must be in at least 1 local Christmas parade. 

  • Will compete at 3 regionals and one nationals event in Florida.

  • Conventions are optional. 

  • Perform in production only.


*New this year Performance Team Plus*

  • Can be in one group dance in addition to the mandatory production.

  • Can request a solo/duo/trio

FFDA Performance Team

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